Exhausted and afraid

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Atalost, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. Atalost

    Atalost Member


    I am new to this site. I am suffering terribly. I am in a place of comfort with ending it. I have struggled with this for a very long time.In this moment I feel broken. It is my first time on a site such as this. I am in so much pain, I am reaching out to anyone who understands. help
  2. JmpMster

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    I am sorry got the situation you have found yourself in, but very glad you found us here. There a re a lot of very caring and understanding people here that have shared many of these feeling of pain and despair. Hopefully by reaching out here you will find some comfort from having people that really understand you around to listen.
  3. unionfalls

    unionfalls Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome. You will find some comfort here. Sorry you feel broken, that is such an awful and painful feeling. Keep reaching out here as there are many people here who care and can feel your pain. I am new here as well and it is also my first time on any sort of internet forum or social site. Keep posting and reading other posts and you will find that understanding and comfort from others. Wishing things become better for you very soon.
  4. Atalost

    Atalost Member

    Thank you… I am can barely type so distraught
  5. Atalost

    Atalost Member

    Thank you Union. I am hoping to heal. I really need this pain to go away. Holding on by a thread
  6. justsomegirl

    justsomegirl Well-Known Member

    Atalost, it took a lot for you to reach out for support, and I'm glad you did. I'm pretty new myself and have found this to be a great place for support and comfort. I hope being here helps you to get to a good place.
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