Exhausted and lonely

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  1. Rukia

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    Got home from work a while ago and is still exhausted. Only got 4 hours of sleep last night and I don't work right without at least 8. Was first day at school today, but I was half asleep during the classes, both because of lack of sleep and my meds that fucks me up. Got home and thought I could just relax the rest of the day, but my boss called me and asked me to work for a couple of hours. A couple of hours turned into five and a half and it was busy all the time.
    Came home and am feeling all alone. Asked a friend to come over. She said she'd think about it, but haven't heard from her since so I guess not. Noone to talk to on msn either, but thats nothing new. Normally I would go downstairs to my parents for a while, but I don't really want to. My mum didn't even look at me or say hi when I got home. I have no idea what I have done to piss her off, but the silent treatment made me feel like a kid again. Like I'm not worth anything. I really didn't need that trigger, it's getting too much. :(
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    Lacking sleep and relaxation time can set off so many ill feelings...things we can usually tolerate seem to hurt us more...so sorry you are feeling this way and please try to take good care of yourself...J
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    Try to get some sleep to recharge yourself. A cup of warm milk with a half teaspoon of sugar may help.

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    I agree with them
    this seems weird to me..but I've actually been really happy lately..but when I don't get sleep..I literally go insane and feel like killing myself
    sleep is extremely important
    I'm also here for you, as a random stranger, if you ever need to talk

    also: try talking to your mother about what's upsetting her, maybe she's just distracted, don't isolate yourself (unless sleeping lol)
  5. Rukia

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    Thank you all :hug:

    I guess I should try to sleep. It's just that going to bed alone depresses me even more when I'm in this mood. :(

    About talking to my mum, can't do that. Confronting her equals me becoming desperately suicidal. It will pass, I'm sure.
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    Hello Rukia,

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, did your boss say you have to work the extra 5 1/2 hours, I know it must be awfully stressful for you but please hold in there. Lack of sleep can be very daunting at times and coping with it for the day ahead. Have you ever called a support hotline? They will speak to you and make you feel better. How would that feel, you can also read this article on loneliness that may help you :)

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    Take care hope you feel better soon x