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  1. Petal

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    I'm tired of feeling exhausted all of the time . Blood tests have ruled out some physical causes, so it must be mental, right? :unsure: does anyone else have this? it feels like my body is being weighed down all the time and im struggling to fight it back. how to cope please :sad:
  2. total eclipse

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    no physical reasons really thyroid checked hemoglobin checked Lack of sleep will do that also if you are not eating properly could be depression sneaking in on you if so try to keep on top of it okay maybe get meds changed a bit I hope you feel better soon hugs
  3. Terry

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    Sounds like ME (othewise known as chronic fatigue syndrome).
    I got ME after glandular fever and still have recurring bouts of it.
    When in its grip I feel like I've run a marathon and limbs feel heavy and oppressed.
    I find I just have to rest till it alleviates and also pace yourself, feel a bit tired....sit down for 5 minutes.
  4. lachrymose27

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    I definitely feel fatigued all the time. No energy and lack of motivation just sleep
  5. nolonger

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    I can get tired extremely quickly, or I'm just tired to begin with. It can be hard to sleep as well, sometime I'll just lie there for ages....my energy level problems are more mental for me, majority of the time I just don't care.
  6. morning rush

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    depression can make you VERY tired...also I don't know where you live but this time of year, not alot of sunlight and crappy weather can make you tired alot too...could be a combination of both...

    I know that omega 3 helps a bit with the tiredness...you could try that...other than that well...sleep until spring gets here? :p