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Existance Is Dull

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Dante Wrath, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Dante Wrath

    Dante Wrath Member

    Hello my name is Dante and i am new to the forum.
    I have recently been feeling that there is very little point to life.
    I live a pretty dull existance, dwelling only in my own house...
    Each day comes and goes where i acheive nothing and feel nothing.
    I do not have the wealth to treat myself and bring happiness into my life, and when it comes to a social life, friends and girlfriends only evr leave me feeling depressed, which is worst than being numb.
    No matter how hard i try, how many religions i look into, how many stories i hear about heaven and an afterlife, i can't convince myself to believe in an afterlife, it just seems to illogical that there could be anything after our brain dies.
    I wish i had a personality that would allow me to atleast hope for an afterlife, but i don't, and it has left me feeling that there is no point to the life we live now, especially if you don't enjoy it anyway.

    Thank you for reading
  2. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Hi Dante and let me first welcome to SF.

    When life is dull, each day is no different from the last or the next, people
    we have around us do not seem to bring anything not of the deja vu, it means that we need to make some changes.

    The spice of life is in 'what's new', new experience, new peple, somehow to enrich our existance. How to achieve such goal is proper to each of us, each having different liking etc.... but one thing we do have in common is the need of those spicy enriching experiences to light up our existance. What's dull is boring and nothing worse than being bored about it all.

    Perhaps you could give some thoughts about volontering time to shelters (animal) or to old folks homes, to the meals on wheels, to a homeless shelter or to the hospital. There are plenty of occasion to do good around and get something in return that is not money but spices...... the feeling to have some worth, to be doing something worth in this life other than our own little self.

    Give it some thoughts it might be the anser or lead you to answer you are looking for.

    All the best,


    p.s. Dante, if this is your real life full name and last name, please go into the option section of your account here and cancel your last name. It is unsafe to have it known to all online. Again best wishes.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2007
  3. Dante Wrath

    Dante Wrath Member

    Well i get no real thrill out of anything... At the moment i'm just trying to better myself, learn an instrument, get smarter and stronger... so i feel like i'm not just existing... that atleast while i'm aliv i will be constantly bettering myself.
  4. Wierd

    Wierd Well-Known Member

    Your signature and avatar (and of course your post) make it look like you are into music. Maybe you could try searching for music that matches your tastes that you haven't heard before, so you can listen to it and feel enjoyment? You could look at the genre(s) of music that you listen to, and look at other bands which are in that genre, for example. Not only will you enjoy it but it may also inspire you musically. I'm not saying you should plagiarize, but I believe that the more music you listen to, the more NEW music you can spontaneously think of in your head. Just a thought.
  5. Dante Wrath

    Dante Wrath Member

    I spose i do enjoy listening to music, i guess that is one thing i could do to enjoy myself a little.
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