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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by neverdie, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. neverdie

    neverdie Guest

    As I ponder my existence I wonder what life will be like after I’m gone. After 50 years of life, I look back at all the stuff that I’ve done, all the places I’ve been to, all the people I’ve met and all people I’ve hurt.

    We don’t mean to hurt people, it just happens. Sometimes we say something that hurts, sometimes we don’t go where to meet people and that hurts, sometimes we are suppose to do something and don’t and that hurts.

    But there are people out there that do hurt other on purpose. The ones that kill, or maim or hit because they can not control the anger within them. Deep down inside, they too have feelings. They do exist and it’s up to us good people to deal with them. But keep in mind there are more good people in the world then bad.

    We all came from the same place. We all beat out all the others that were trying to make it to the egg. We are all the strongest and we shall prevail. As we were born we didn’t know anything, not even how to exist. As we grew, we learned no fear. We ate what ever was placed in front of us or crawled on the floor or the mud in the yard.

    Then we learned fear, which made us scared. Which protected us from harm. We had horrible dreams, harsh words, yelling and screaming and learned that all was not well. As we grew we experienced friends, love, hate, envy and all the other things in life.

    When we hit puberty we lost all fear and now think we are gods and nothing can hurt us. We will try ever drug, drink every drink, we will do everything we can get away with, because we have no fear until puberty is over, then fear comes back into play.

    Self aware self pity sorrow and un happiness dwells upon us and we make the decision whether to remain alive or to end our lives. Fear of the unknown keeps most of alive. To fight for the right to live, the right to survive and the right to be all that we can be.

    Most of us are taught how to live, what to believe and how to act. As we grow, we learn from others how to be good or bad, how to fit into life and what we should do with our lives. But we can make our own decisions. We can prevail, we can survive and the end goal it to be happy and live as long as possible.

    Unfortunately there are other factors that come into play that we have no control over. Like disease, accidents, which ends our lives no matter what we can say or do. In those cases, we must deal with it in our own way. To be strong, to help those others that can not help them selves.

    So now it’s 50 years later, I’ve survived all the deadly sins, I’ve helped many and hurt many. I guess it’s all down hill from now on. I’ll keep working until I die, when ever that is, I’d rather live forever, but no one does. Death is part of life, to go where everyone has gone before me. It’s just a matter of time.
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