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    I’ve been conducting experiments
    In the secret lab of my terror-meant
    To see if I can extract the basic element
    To quell the fear that drives the filament
    The wish is for a simple mixture
    The price I’ve paid: one of fixture

    Red is unfit for lighting the day
    Brings despair in the science of The Way
    The people’s Ze is darkest black
    Colours bursting from the sack
    A purple of a wasted youth
    A grey of a hated truth
    Bluer than truer
    In the garden of misuse

    Entrance is not permitted to the lab
    The monster a secret
    Best not to pick a scab
    None wish to touch its mane
    No caresses to heal its pain
    The lab: a hollow construction of fame
    The price of hiding
    Mistake repeated
    Again and again.

    ~ Muffin
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    Very nice and well written - makes one think :smile-new:
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