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    Right. For a while now I leaving ranting or upset posts but I think it is finally time to say exactly what I mean!
    Okay. Most know about the stuff with ex and children etc if you don't read old posts.
    Yeah okay I feel terrible for that every single time. Buttt recently things have changed etc.
    Won't get into that.

    But just after this, a friend thought it a good idea to set me up with someone else. So we met in the summer and tbh I wasn't convinced, so left it a little while and met again. And things went badly wrong. He....made unwanted advances and got me to make contact with him I really would have rather not been brought into....
    Since that, I've told one person, who is amazing, she may as well be a mum to me. And I just can't say no to people basically! Never have been able to and probably never will....so never ever told him how i felt about that day.
    Well tonight, my second mum I shall refer to her as, got me to talk to him and tell him just how i felt. and it makes you feel so good to say just how you feel. and be HONEST. not nasty. HONEST.
    but now....im in tears. people know just the right spot to hit and what to say. and im sick of it tbh. but idk im so mixed up.
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    honesty does release a lot of anxiety,
    and tears sometimes :arms:
    big :hug:s