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    I am such a placid person it takes alot to upset me, yet the past two days i have felt nothing bu hatred and anger towards life and a few people in my life and yeh i know hate is a strong word but after what they have done to me and keep doing to me and the things they have put me through hate is mild word!! im not quite sure what i did in my past life but i must have been an extremely bad person to have lost everything in my life the pain is unreal i feel every day i know i am totally ranting but to top it off i thought i had a support network but ive lost my best friend through no ones fault but my own i should have known love is a dangerous game!! then to add to it all im here daily talking to people trying to help were i can ( i understand im an epic failure but it did try) yet ive come on to night feeling hurtfully alone to just feel even more pushed out and alone by people i classed as my online family as sad as i may sound its my online family that know me best its my online family that i need most and now im pushed away from them is there a point!!!! I dont want attention im simply ranting at how ironic it is that you try help everyone possible then your pushed out and left to feel unbelievably alone

    Rant over sorry
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