Extreme depression... Getting worse

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by TheresNoWayOut, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. I hate the way I look I can't stand the sight of myself. I hate my face. I don't recognise myself. I've had plastic surgery. I'm monstrous but I was always monstrous. I hate my face and I don't want to be around anyone my age. I can't stand living I can't stand life as a young adult.
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    i feel the same. Its so hard :(
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    Welcome to the forum. I understand you are struggling but have you spoken to someone about your issues. Gave sort out medication or even considered group therapy. Im not judging but the personality of a person is from usually judged can from the inside as well as outside. People in this modern society to judge by looks but a true person will judge from the inside.

    I'm trying to give you a different perspective on your post and therefore give a different thought process. I hope it helps but we try our best to support as you deserve our support.

    Please speak to someone about the way you feel as it help you. Keep posting as we care about you as your are important and never think anything different. Please be safe.
  4. I was gived SSRIs years ago. I don't like taking them because they make me overeat and make my hair fall out which makes me uglier and makes my mental health worse as a result. I have something similar to BDD for sure, I don't think I'm delusional about my appearance I just can't stand it.

    People my age judge by physical features so I should probably not communicate with my own age group ever.

    I don't see why I am important. Maybe in the sense that every human life is important. But compared to other people I am meaningless. I just sit indoors and can't even really go out or socialize due to anxiety. The anxiety makes group therapy impossible. Nobody knows I even exist, I'm just a background character like an Extra on a TV show.
  5. Don't know how to edit posts but I would add that earlier I had a breakdown realizing that my life is passing me by. I will be on my deathbed and look back realizing my life was completely empty of meaning. I did nothing in my life. Achieved nothing. Just a pointless and unmemorable existence. A waste of life. I am unable to work or do anything other than sit indoors because of the anxiety. I do sometimes go out but it's not a comfortable experience for me.
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    I understand, I feel the same way.
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    Don't buy into lies about yourself. What I have learned about BDD is that it boils down to excessive and intrusive negative thoughts. I would strongly encourage you to take authority over your thoughts by declaring negative thoughts null and void. Challenge yourself, even when you don't feel like it, even if you think it's pointless. (Because that right there is a negative thought). It may take time, it may take work, but you are worth the time and you are worth the effort. You are victorious. You are beautiful (despite any flaws you may think you have). You are filled with confidence.

    You may not have the strength to do this on your own because you first need to know who you were created to be. The best part is that you're not alone. My heart goes out to you, I've been in your shoes, and nothing that's been said has been said lightly. Killing yourself is never a solution because you have a purpose in this life. I'm praying you learn to embrace the journey ahead of you.
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