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"Eye Of The Storm!".

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When I was suffering from personal-depression from the use of street-narcotics I sought help from a hospital-emergency-room in the city-of-my-birth which asked me to return the following morning to speak with a social-worker who advised me to leave the city and to live elsewhere...

He said that their was a "whirlwind" or "tornado" moving about me which concerned my identity but was really "the problem" of others who did really have a "real-connection" to myself with "their" personal-contact...

I had already lived in two States of The United States Of America and in two Provinces of Canada by that time...

I followed-up with living in an additional State, two more Provinces, and in another Country on another Continent...

I do not really see any "familiar-faces" from my college or my work in the city-of-my-birth which I currently live in...


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