Eyes to Die For

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    Claire Claire
    Into your eyes I stare
    So brown & deep
    Especially when the weep
    Conjunctiitus about to care

    Then there is your pair
    36DD there
    Mwah you sexy lady
    I want you to have my baby
    For you so much I care

    Claire Claire
    My cuddly teddy bear
    Just like Birgit's Gonk
    You I want to bonk
    Beside me I want you there

    Claire I want you as my wife
    You are my life
    Tomorrow shall we wed
    Then in bed
    In my shed

    Laid together watching Sky on my plasma
    In our pyjamas
    In each others arms
    I protecting you from harm
    Our clasma

    When we are old and grey
    You will look as you do today
    You in my eyes will never change
    Always within my range
    I love you I will forever say

    Before you & I met
    The odds of us meeting yet
    I was so happy to have found you
    You silly moo
    Together we are set

    Sexy woman that you are
    In the back of my car
    Love we made on the back seat
    No more do I need to seek
    You are my jam jar

    Claire you taste so sweet
    All women you beat
    I love you so much
    You are my crutch
    My Shredded Wheat

    So thankyou Nabisco
    For being like Claire so
    Can I eat three?
    Claire is enough for me
    Coffee to go

    Claire you are my Macky-do
    Takeaway goo
    You are my preserver
    That is you

    Claire I want you so much
    You are my luck
    Come here & be with me
    And you will see

    So Claire my girly
    You to me you are like aunt Sally
    Worzell Gummidge's love
    My dove
    Don't dally
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