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F*ck it all

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lets see i have to make up alot of hours once ive been absent from school about 11 days so far.... i failed 2 tests today.. got in trouble for walking around while i was suppost to be in fucking lunch... i come home and my dad starts yelling at me... and im really thinking of ending it right now :mad: fuck all i do is complain and bitch...


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I can relate...I'm drowning in make-up work as well...
10 days pour moi. 11 tomorrow, then break!
IM me if you want to talk! :hug:
John, I totally agree with you. F*ck it all indeed. Life is so shit and pointless and not even worth it.

I just feel like I'm going round in circles.

I'm thinking of taking up some kind of substance abuse to ease my pain....Like cocaine or meth, or easier stuff like smoking as I am probably the dullest human beng on the planet.

I really like your smiley hitting its head on a brick wall, I wondered how I might be able to get that?


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I'm sorry for your anger. You've probably been asked this already but is there at least something you can arrange with the school? There are more important things to deal with right now.


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Well, me neither. But you don't need to say that directly. They have no business questioning about the more personal details. Personally I find it outrageous that schools will excuse pathetic physical illnesses such as a bad flu yet seem so oblivious to more serious problems. This is killing my school performance and thus any possible future career options. I'm going to ask the doctor if she can do something for me tomorrow. Maybe even a general note from a psychiatrist will be enough. Is that an option for you?
I understand that you are upset about all this. However i dont understand why you missed so many days of school. You must have known you were going to have make up work. I'm not trying to prove you wrong or anything but i must say i dont support your decisions to end life or blow off school just because of this...really.

My english teacher died yesterday and i still have tests to make up...unfortunately we went on spring break and i missed the day before so now i have a failing grade on a progress report which makes me ineligible to play sports all because of that one day. Life isn't all too good for everyone else either.
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