F*ck my life

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    Yesterday was just too damn much. I can not take it anymore. family is very inconsiderate as well. After all the emotional drama that went on last night and after one day of crying, I finally got some sleep around 5:30 a.m. I am a light sleeper and I had to be awoken at 8:00 by mother loud ass mother and grandmother. Well, I finally got back to sleep and it would have been nice to sleep until 1 or 2, considering that I fell asleep so late and was disturbed after two hours, but no! They came back home after running errand at 12 with their loud voices. I'm sick of it. I am coming down with a flu. Nobody cares. I also don't care if it is 80 degrees out today. I need to fuc*ing sleep and what is a warm day out with no love? Not to mention, the minute they come in, they have to brag about some girl working in an office who is my same age. That is all they know how to do is point out how everybody is sooo much better than me...

    Oh and yesterday was just sooo bad because I heard about an ex.... Not to mention, I had finally met another person I liked only to have him turn out to be a jerk who is in love with a 35 year old woman. Yeah, I'm not even better than somebody 14 years my senior. He just used me as a rebound for her. Oh, and my good friend that I go clubbing with hooked back up with her ex, so it looks like she won't be going out that much anymore. Everybody has somebody but me. I've been hooked on ativan the past year and I look like complete shi* too.
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    Ah im sorry illness has a way of just bringing everything on us seem overwhelming even more. I hope everyone leaves and gives you some rest that you need. Try to stay strong okay and make time out just for you buy something nice just for you Your friend will still want to go clubbing with you because she probably have more fun out when it is just two of you take care
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    I'd like to just say that you don't need someone else in order for you to be happy and have a fulfilled life.
    It feels like that after being in a long relationship and having your heart broken again and again... I know...
    I'm sorry things are hard.

    guys are assholes- people can be assholes- that's all there is to it.
    Just be your own person, do something that you love and make friends.
    I'm sure things can and will get better for you