F*CK! This hurts!

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Yesterday I was at the Bristol Rennaisance Faire in Wisconsin. My dad is handicapped, so he uses an electric wheelchair. So he wakes my ass up at 8 in the morning WHEN I STAYED THE NIGHT AT A FRIEND'S HOUSE, with no prior heads up to going to the fair. Pulls me out of bed and tells me I have to get the wheelchair in and out of the van. Ok, no big deal. From 8 until 2, I had to follow my dad around, in the rain, without a coat, and pushing his chair up muddy hills when the battery gave out. And this thing is about a hundred pounds with no one in it, so this is kinda difficult. Come time to go home, it's pouring, it's slippery and the wheels decided to lock. Let me say now that I don't have a power lift for the van, I have to use two metal ramps on the back of the van. So there I am, pushing this chair with locked wheels up a very slippery set of ramps. I don't know how the hell I got it in there, but it's in there. When I got home, I collapsed. I just passed out. Ten minutes later my mom tells me that I have to go help my sister work on her new car. So from 3 until 10 I'm working on a fucking car. Words cannot describe how much pain I'm in right now.


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ur awsome way to be part of the team. u where really there for them. i am in applaud for ur effort u have givven not to mention devotion. u have good charecter in u keep it no matter the cost.
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