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F*ck You *strong language*

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I'm fucking sick to death of her! does she not fucking get it!! most of the fucking night i was in tears worrying over her fucking son!! someone who has no part of my life and yet im the one fucking cry themselfs to fucking sleep! she don't get that i can't trust myself, she don't understand. Im fucking done with her, im out of this fucking house one way or another, wether it be in a body bag or walking out and staying on the streets i dont give a flying fuck! maybe i should sleep in the streets then have some psycho do me and everone else a fucking favor!

Over 2 fucking years he sat in this house on his fucking arse and did FUCK ALL!!! and i miss some days off fucking college because i don't even trust myself to stop myself jumping infront of a fucking train!!!! and yet im the fucking one who gets the shit thrown at them!! I fucking told you i have 2 fucking weeks or i fail college, i'd rather miss a few fucking PRACTICAL lessons than fucking fail the whole thing! well FUCK YOU!! what the fuck does it matter anyway. You've caused whats about to happen!! I told you when we had that massive argument that im gonna prove it to you and i fucking promise you i am. I told you what is it gonna take to make you see? me being in hospital? well fine thats what its come to. Im fucking sick and tired of constantly getting crap from you thrown at me!! i can't take it anymore. Im the child who put some effort into passing their GCSE's, im the child who went out and got themselfs a place in college. Im the child who passed 2 fucking years and is in the 3rd year of college. Im the child who NEVER stole from you. Who NEVER raised a fist to you. Who NEVER did any type of drug. Im the child you gave up their life to look after YOUR kids. What thanks do i get? a one way ticket to my death. Yeah fucking great! thanks!

He fucking did jack shit for 2 years, slept during the day, on the computer day and night. Did drugs, stole HUNDREDS of pounds from you. Stole from everyone including ME! but guess that didn't matter. He didn't bother looking at college's or a fucking job. You just let him sit here, stealing from you to buy drugs. Theres shit about him your'll never know! for fuck sake you let him fuck a 14 yr old girl, you fucking knew it was going on.

But NO! whos the one that gets the lectures and the fucking abuse, the child whos trying to make something of their life!!! well fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well yeah some of you might now who this is and to be honest i don't give a shit anymore.


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Have an idea who this is and you got to stop letting this situation get to you.
No one, not parent, brother, lover or child is worth this much pain.:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Sa Palomera

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:hug: Hun, you do not deserve any of this pain, and she is wrong giving you all those lectures. Maybe it's just her way of dealing with everything. She's probably just worried about you. That doesn't make it right though.

I'm really sorry I couldn't stay to comfort you, sweetie, I really am sorry. You know you can always drop me a PM or an email or whatever.

You're stronger than you think. WOuld it maybe be an option to talk to her, explain the situation once again? Maybe if she knows that you have 2 weeks to do those works and all, and that that's what you're trying to do, she might understand a bit more?

You do not deserve this pain :sad:

big love,

<insert name here>

Thats the point i do deserve it. Nothing i do is never good enough for her. Well very soon i will prove to her. Like i said its gonna take me being in hospital to make her listen, well fine. Guess i'll be taking a little trip soon. I dont give a shit anymore, i really don't. That pushed me far too much. Guess ima be taking that trip alot sooner than i thought. Gotta wait till she's gonna bed, then out with the vodka again.

Fuck it. I dont care anymore.
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