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F*cking useless

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Why is everything I do wrong?
Why is everything I say wrong?
Why don't you believe me?
Why can't you trust me to be on my own tonight?
I'm sorry for making your life a misery.
I'm sorry that I'm making you die a little more every day.
I'm sorry I feel the way I do.
I'm sorry I'm not the girl you met and fell in love with.
I want to stop being the source of your pain.
I wish I had the strength to end our relationship so I didn't have to put you through this and watch you die a little more every day.
I wish I had the strength to end my own misery.
I can't take this anymore.
I'm sorry.


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I dont know what else to do but... :hug:
I can tell you that everytime I have spoken to you, you have been lovely to me. And therefore I think you are a lovely person. And I hope you are feeling a bit happier soon xxx


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It happens a lot to me, feeling I'm just a burden and a source of pain and miser for the people close to me. It's just terrible. But I know that my death will be more painful for them AND impossible to make up for. Sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps us going. Don't lose hope. Don't give up. *big hug*


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I had a row with the fiance last night. Well more like he was ranting at me and I was the subject of his ranting. He told me straight up the way I am is hurting him. He doesn't trust me to be alone because he think I will try to kill myself. I am just fed up with everything. I can't take any of this anymore. I'm not strong enough anymore.
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It has to be hard for the ones we love, put yourself in his shoes and see what ideas come to mind.

I know if my H ever told me that he was going to kill himself, I would say if you do then I will. I cant imagine the thoughts that I give him, the things I say sometimes has to worry him, and the thughts I have is just not normal, so I can see how its hard for them.

But I am depressed and at 33 nothing has changed so dont think it will ever, so its either love me for me or dont love me at all.

Hugs honey, I wish you all the best.


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:hug: aw. youre a doll, lexi. youre having a rough time and when we go through it so do our loved ones. its no ones fault. your boy loves you and you guys can make it through this. :hug:


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Hi Lexi, It sounds like your BF really loves you.. He's a good supporter for you..I know what you mean about being down all the time..All you can do is do your best on a daily basis.. Don't worry about tomorrow.. It's just another day..Do you set any goals for yourself on a daily basis?? This also can help.. When you acheive one you can pat yourself on the back..
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