F.I.N.E. -may trigger-

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  1. Zueri

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    Yes...I'm perfectly f.i.n.e.

    Freaked out

    I don't know how long I can hold on. I keep thinking about <mod edit:shygirl methods> Heck...I might even try drowning myself in alcohol. I WANT to die. I want the easy way out. I dunno why I still try to live. I'm a mess. I sliced up my leg...got high on caffeine...burned myself, etc.

    My mom's dead, my friends hate me, my family hates me, my dad hates me, I hate me...

    Things aren't going to get better...not by a long shot.

    Just give me ONE reason to live and I'll try to pull through another day...
    If not I'm going to make an attempt.

    Screw life...it sucks for me.
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  2. lost in space

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    I don't hate you!:hug:
  3. ybt

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    i'm sorry, the way it was timed was funny :)

    but there are plenty of things to live for. if your friends hate you, they're not friends