F**K Hope!

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  1. I’m SO pissed at life (contrived). At US. I used to believe I/we had a purpose (Also contrived!). NONE of us have a purpose except for that which we imagine. We invent wisdom to get us through dark times. But we humans are nothing more than a plague upon the earth. Truly. We do nothing but destroy and use up that which we were given.

    It is said that we do not inherit the earth from our forbearers, but that we borrow it from our children.

    The indigenous peoples think in terms of “The Seventh Generation” but we denigrate them. We, in the West, and in the rising East, think of nothing but ourselves!

    We are a pestilence – God’s great experiment gone horribly wrong, and I hold no hope for our recovery barring our decimation and starting all over again to try and get it right this next time. Me – I’m not coming back (they say it is a choice to return, reincarnated). I’ve so fucking had it. And this place is doomed anyway… FUCK hope! Get REAL!!!! Everything we do is for NOTHING, and worse…

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    I think you're right.
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    I agree, to an extent. Hopefully, in future generations, humanity will evolve morally, intellectually, bodily to the point where our destructive animalistic tendencies are laid to rest. I honestly doub that will happen, though.

    My motto usually is "Humanity...it's not worth it."
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