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F**K this shit I'm outta here.

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Lets see. The last 10+ years of my life have been a complete waste. I'm 42 and I'm bored shitless. All my friends are married and are pretty worthless. I could be married but I can't stand the bitching. I've had close to 100 women and could have many more I'm sure. But I'm over that obsession. I've had money and cars and houses and have lost them all. I wish I gave a fuck, but I don't. I'm broke and now face moving back in with family. Fuck that. I guess I've had my fun and now I'm sick of this living hell on earth. I'm tired of working like a slave for nothing. To sum it all up, I'm just plain sick and tired of living the same old bullshit day in and day out. Hopefully I'll get the balls to hang myself by weeks end. I feel relieved just thinking about it and actually looking forward to it. Fuck this lame shit, I'm outta here.
look im aware your older so its not as easy as arguing with 13 years olds that are most likely bluffing anyways...you are wise and you know if life is worth living or not...im sure your well aware that your life could pick up again just as easily as it could fall apart again. All i can say is you know you'll be hurting some ppl you love if you do this. Never commit suicide when your suicidal! Basically im just asking you to rethink everything before you do anything stupid...Hang in There an Good Luck!!!!


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I'm so sorry F8 to hear how you've been suffering and know what place you're in now,but try to hang on mate we can talk about anything and see how thing's go I know and understand it's tough I really do.


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Old fart here. Pm me, email or msn me..its in me profile...dont do anything rash or while in a state of flux..Talk to me OK!!!!


Never commit suicide when your suicidal!
Quoted for humor.

Sorry to hear about your troubles F8LXEPSHN. You sound pretty jaded, hope you find your way out of hell.

Edit: Just realized that last statement could be interpreted different ways. I don't believe in hell, other than hell on earth.
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Hi fellas, I appreciate the offers of help. But I'm afraid if I stay here I'm only headed for serious trouble. Things will only get seriously worse. I've already been there and done that. And doing it again will only be a repeat of a nightmare I've already had.

Nothing seems to change. It's like a vicious fucking circle. And to be perfectly honest, I don't want to do it again/anymore. I don't really feel sad about leaving. I just feel it's time to go. I had my fun.

Gotta put into perspective then way your options. At this point in repeat time suicide seems like a very viable option and I get to go out with my health intact. No muss no fuss.

It's not that I'm overly depressed, I'm just sick and tired of it all. As far as I'm concerned it's a logical decision. Some may say there are flaws in my logic. But that's ok.

There's no freedom anymore and 99% of the US population are nothing but uneducated ignorant sheep. I'm no genius but I'm the smartest person I know and it's pretty lonely being that. This world isn't all that great anymore IMHO and I don't feel I'll be missing anything (except more hate and war) so I feel the time is right. I'm not a 100% sure I'll do it. But the odds are pretty good. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

If I do. Don't be sad, be happy for me as I will be in a better place (IMO) than being here.
i know how you feel i mean im only 18 but i know.

i have been thinking about it these last few days also, but i just think of my family, leaving them behind and watching them suffer over you. i dont think you would like that. im not trying to change your mind or argue i just dont want a person like you get hurt you seem that you are a very nice, educated person. A you kinda remind me of me, you seem that you are so nice and alot of people take advantage of you. well just talk to me, my aim is batistasanimal

and my email is courtizzle812@yahoo.com

talk to me!
I hope you are able to find your way out of this one F8. It sounds as if you have lived in both worlds, the world of success and the world of failure. Somewhere in there should exist a happy medium. I know life is not always kind. As a matter of fact, it seems to be more cruel than anything most of the time. Things can change and one should not take for granted the possibilities that they may change for the better. You said you really don't want to leave. That is enough to keep you here. Don't give up the fight. Please continue on. :hug:


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Telling him to "hang" in there is probably not the best approach for someone who just said he intends to hang himself.

That is vey true peanut!! no joke.

F8~you came here for a reason, huh? We all do. I am over 40 and really disilluisioned by it all. Let me know if you want a buddy to care.PM me. I am alone for the holiday. :sad: Talk about sucks. The cold rain :shower: matches my mood.

At least you have success in your past, many cannot attest to that one.
Post more.
Well it looks like I'm gonna hold off for a while. But I do reserve my right to end the bullshit at a later date. I got 1300 miles to drive so I won't be online for who knows how long. Thanks everyone and happy holidays to all. Later.
Well it looks like I'm gonna hold off for a while. But I do reserve my right to end the bullshit at a later date. I got 1300 miles to drive so I won't be online for who knows how long. Thanks everyone and happy holidays to all. Later.
I hope you have a great time whereever you are going on. Hang in there and know it can get better and we are always here for you :hug:

Best wishes,
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