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  1. tainted-angel

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    He's fucking found out where i am AGAIN!!!
    Will i ever get a break from this asshold of a "father"
    Im gona have to move AGAIN and hide for another while... this is the last place i have left to go...
    He sent me a letter, saying how i have deserved everything that has hapened to me, that i will never be a part of his family, and that he knows everything i have done...
    I love how i always get this blame. Its always my fault. Always.
    Never the raging schizophrenia in him, just me.
    I dont know if im mad right now or sad... ive been here for a few months now and it was starting to feel like home...
    I just feel like im going to go round in this fuckin spiral for the rest of life. Not good "/
  2. itmahanh

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    I dont know your situation but maybe instead of "running" again it's time to stand up to him. Arm yourself with people you can rely on, friends or family and make a stand. No more running. Let him see that you're tired of living your life by his standards and tactics. If this is a legal issue then tell him that you are willing to take action. Whatever it is you need to show him you arent about to run anymore.

    I'm sorry but without knowing more about what is up it's the best I can offer. Hope things get better for you soon :arms: