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Face to a name?

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Photo thread anyone? anywhere?
I know the majority of us feel grotesque, but this is a place to express ourselves, and a face to a name could be a good thing..
a picture speaks a thousand words- or sumat like that lol.

But yeah, before i post just wanted to knw wat u all think?


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Vikki - not meaning to challenge the rules. But shouldn't it be allowed if the person feels comfortable with it? Of course it should be inappropriate to post pictures of people other than yourself. But if you yourself consent to it....just seems a bit odd, thats all.
Its the nature of the forum, because its a forum relating to suicide then it seems inappropriate to post pictures. However there is a forum run by admin here and some memebers use it, where pictures of yourself can be posted:


Its all down confidentiality wether your comfortable with putting a pic up or not, just the nature of the site i guess.
Indeed - the reason members can't post photos of themselves here is due to the nature of the site etc. The idea is designed to keep the members safe.

As Vikki has said - on AfterDark, you can post photos :)

Hope this helps :)

Not only on Afterdark. You're allowed to post links to pictures in chat if you want to :) I do that a lot, most people here have probably seen me :laugh: Er, some more than most :tongue: You can also PM pictures too :) Just not post them in threads.
(I won't repeat what has already been said several times about site rules :tongue: It must be getting boring ;) )
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