Facebook comment arguments! UGH!!

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A friend of mine posted something on FB today that had a couple of comments already. One of the comments made a generalization that I knew to be incorrect and thought might be harmful to having false information flying around (especially with this particular friend, who believes everything anyone says). I made a comment to clarify to what situations that generalization applied, and OH GOD, now I'm "contradicting [the original poster] in front of everyone." Well, yeah. Because you were wrong and the outcome of that would have been negative. She told me she had reliable information and went on for two comments explaining herself--and it was all things I agreed with, but she didn't SAY that in her original post, she made a DANGEROUSLY BROAD GENERALIZATION. But GOD FORBID I clarify a broad generalization that the original poster even knew to be false, by her own admission!


What are your stupid Facebook comment argument stories?!


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Right. Well at least you stood up for yourself. Be proud of that. :)
I had a "play arguement" with my best friend on it and then found out that he was narrating the arguement to one of his friends and calling me "a schitz" and "a whiney little wannabe" etc. Apparantly he was kidding, but I still don't trust the guy.

Facebook is a breeding ground for misunderstanding and conflict. I really hate the place.
There was this one guy I knew that called me a liar because I said I was a virgin and it went on for about 15 comments where I explained that, even if I was lying about something so trivial, no one would ever believe him because everyone that knows him knows he's a piece of poop. It was so annoying. Then he said that if he wanted a comeback, he would wipe it off my chin but he used such terrible grammar that I laughed and called him a buffoon. He proceeded to tell me that I was close-minded and immature as a last resort to try to get to me.

So I totally understand where you're coming from here. Social networking sites are breeding grounds for trolls and unnecessary bull poopie.


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Glad you stood up for yourself. I've never bothered with Facebook arguments, I don't put anything really serious out on FB because it's a breeding ground for drama. I just use it to keep in touch with my friends, and if I do have something serious to say, it goes via PM. Try not to worry about it too much though, there are people out there who post things on FB just for reaction.

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ive been banned from facebook and the last arguement i had was with facebook themselves when they tried telling me i wasnt allowed to use my scripts on their to add my entire friends list to a invite or a group. Before that i guess it was someone telling me that people who listen to hardcore and gabba were bully victims, they left facebook after that

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I tend to avoid arguments on Facebook. I tend to avoid them period... confrontation scares the heck out of me. But a week or so ago, I got into an argument with someone over whether or not a six month old can read and actually understand what s/he is reading. I also joined into an argument with one of my cousins after she insulted my mother- and only because she insulted my mother- who was insisting that we do not need Algebra and various other forms of Math and that the classes are useless. Most of the time, though, I just stick to debates on FB. And not the heated kind... but the respectful kind.


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I hate all types of confrontation, especially the public kind. I've had probably one major~ish argument on facebook with an old, highly immature friend and a few little ones that weren't full blown arguments, but more like disagreements. I try to avoid them but sometimes it's hard to keep your mouth shut.
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