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Facebook sign in issue


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If you use Facebook to sign in to your account then you have noticed an issue with the Facebook integration. This is due to a change in the way Facebook set up its security protocols. It tries t check the FB information with the information stored by the web site to verify the account. The issue is, we do not (as most places do) copy or store any of your Facebook identifying information onto our system therefore it cannot complete the security check. Basically, they made a change to make there system more secure thta does not play well with our system set up to help you maintain your privacy and anonymity.

We d not want to store real world identifying information on members of SF. It is our belief that part of the reason SF is effective is you can say how feeling or express your suicidal thoughts without fear of police or medical people coming into your home and involuntarily admitting you for treatment. This is why we do not allow "active crisis" on the forums and chat also- it is trying to walk the line between giving out members the anonymity to actually share how they feel without being irresponsible when peopel are threatening imminent suicide and ensuring they reach out to some place that can actively help if that is what is truly needed.

We believe we can have a solution coded into our system that allows the convenience of FB sign in without the need for collecting ans storing real names, email addresses, phone numbers, demographic information, and access to photos of our members (all things that most places that use fb sign in do collect) and also we refuse to share information that members put on here (there posts and profile comments) with Facebook.

If we are successful in coding a work around with FB then we will resume as always has been, However we will end FB integration completely before freely exchanging information with FB.

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