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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Looking For A Reason, Nov 8, 2013.

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  1. I've never been very good at facing any hardships. I'm an oversensitive guy that's lost and alone. I take everything to heart even if people are just poking fun at me. I'm able to mask how I feel during the time of a negative encounter then I end up repressing it until the night time where everything comes out and piles up to make me hate myself and want to end it all. I've been on medication for a few months now but the urge to end my life creeps up often. I feel as if I'm a burden to people and feel like I need to face this all on my own and just somehow magically be mentally tough but I cannot do it. I need help and I've worked up the courage to ask for it a couple times only to be shot down by someone who says it can't be that bad. I've only told the doctor I've had suicidal thoughts I think it would ruin my parents if I told them. I'm trying to hang on and I'm looking for a purpose in my life. I feel as if I amount to nothing and have a void to fill. I want to do something great but I always bring myself back down with negativity and an "I will never amount to anything" attitude. I need some friends desperately. Thanks for reading.
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    I am sorry for you difficulties. I hope in being here you can realize you are not alone in these thoughts and perhaps find a place to discuss it with others without fear of being rejected.
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    Hi welcome to SF Who ever said those words to you < it can/t be that bad> well that person is ignorant when it comes to depression I am glad you are reaching out here because members here know how bad it can get and understand your feelings of loneliness. You keep reaching out ok until you find someone that will listen and that will understand You deserve care hun so don't let those uneducated people stop you from getting help you need hugs to you
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    Hey Derek, sorry to hear about how people have been treating you. It's not easy to feel this bad all of the time, and then get shot down when you do tell people how you're feeling. I'm oversensitive too, so I know how that can get you down. But we won't be mean to you here, we're just willing to listen and help any way we can.
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