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    How can I cope?!?!

    I found out today my closest friend has been SHing recently, and she showed me..I nearly cried.She was abused by her dad, so we share similar experiences and without her I am nothing. It's a big shock, and I know how it builds up and becomes worse, so now I am worried :(

    Then I have these idiots in my classes, who thinks it is fun to throw stuff at me and throw my books around the class so I can't work. I missed half my lesson today because of them, I can't face going into my lessons with them any more :( :(

    And now all I can hear is my step dad having a go at my mum and bringing up the past with my "real dad". He knows that upsets her and me, because I don't know him, and he treated my mum like CRAP. He spent all his money on gambling and left her with me and my brother and no money.

    I've already cut twice today :sad: I nearly overdosed at school, and I fear I will do it tomorrow :(

    I just can't cope any more.
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    Aw Sizz! Im sorry to hear about everything! Your friend just need some support at the mo, like you do too! just show her that you understand and can be there for her and for each other really!
    i used to have idiots like that in my class too, try not to lose it with them, it makes it even more worse, i did that and it didnt end up good at all. tell the staff or anyone there, cos they shouldnt be able to get away with anything like this!
    its really unfair with people arguing too, but try to see it as your step dads prob, not yours or your mums, families can be like this sumtimes, and it doesnt help things at all,
    rite now though, wats important is YOU! im sorry to hear you have cut :hug: please hang on in there, dont o/d or anything like that, people arent worth it, and hey think of helping your friend, i hope that makes you hold on. :hug: here if you need to talk
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    Like hazibell said, turn your pain into hope for your friend. Helping others here always make my problems move to the backburner. It doesn't get rid of them but at least they leave me alone for a little while. It helps close everything out and let me concentrate on making someone else not hurt. If you need to vent I'm always in need of a pm. Hang on and stay safe. I'm a cutter too. I know it helps but try to find something else to do. If I do more than 3 in a day I feel lousy for the next couple of days. It's not worth it.
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    My mate is ok now, thank god ^_^

    However I'm not. I was talking to a teacher, and she knows everything about my step-dad etc and later in the convo she said you have two options

    "Jump off a roof and end it all" or "Change yourself and keep going"

    The jump off a roof bit has REALLY go to me :( I just froze when she said it....it's made me want to die even more now :(