Fade To Black

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Dudly, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Dudly

    Dudly Well-Known Member

    Life it seems, will fade away
    Drifting further every day
    Getting lost within myself
    Nothing matters no one else
    I have lost the will to live
    Simply nothing more to give
    There is nothing more for me
    Need the end to set me free

    Things are not what they used to be
    Missing one inside me
    Deathly lost, this cant be real
    Cannot stand this hell I feel
    Emptiness is filling me
    To the point of agony
    Growing darkness taking dawn
    I was me, but now Hes gone
    No one but me can save myself, but its to late
    Now I cant think, think why I should even try
    Yesterday seems as though it never existed
    Death greets me warm, now I will just say good-bye
  2. Sorrow

    Sorrow Well-Known Member

    This is one of my favorite songs. I plan to listen to this when I kill myself.
  3. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    i've been listening to it since the 80's. been dedicateed to me a few times. love it.
  4. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    brilliant song.. me and it have gone through some things..

    after he says, now I will just say good bye, i used to feel it was those steps to the end. Donno, for me now it feels like that fight through whatever i feel and whatever life in me still standing up against my fadeing to black. scary to feel and see that, but better to stand up to it too. donno, one of those songs...

    hope you're doing ok Dudly

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