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    hmm so well the last 6 or so weeks of my life has just been it crashing down around me. first losing my gf and now my job. what the fucking hell did i do to deserve this?
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    do you even know what its like to finally have something after wanting it for so long only for it to be pulled from underneath you after a few weeks?
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    how can you do that to me? pick me up and drop me like that?
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    you have no fucking idea how much you've hurt me. how can you pick up so high and just fucking drop me? yes im saying fuck. you're the reason for it so DEAL WITH IT!! i cant fucking sleep because of you

    yeah i know youre hiding. i know that yore not straight up with me and lied to me.

    am i not good enough for you?

    a better offer came along and it was bubi me. you were scared of that happening to you. irony much???

    you said you never wanted to hurt me. look how fucking much youve hurt me. does that mean nothing to you now as well? but youre probably off in your own world and couldnt careless about me or what youve done

    you promised me everything and delivered and delivered nothing. you promised me forever and you didn't give me a second.

    are you blind cant you see that it is you that is ruining your own life? noone else but you and you alone i offered to help but what can i do cant you see that it is you that needs to grow up instead of pining the needs to grow up tag on everyone? oh i have to be nice to you. im the one that always apologises when it is you that needs to say sorry for what youve done. youve ripped me apart. you ruined my fucking year. fucking bitch slut player whore

    wow im glad i have a safe place where i can spit my venom :unsure:
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    Well I hope you're happy off with your new bf while I'm left here to suffer. I obviously don't matter to you. I mean you seem to have no idea why I want time away from you. Do you really have no fucking idea of what you have done to me. You begged me to be yours and I finally agree only for you to leave a couple of weeks later.

    And even now do you have such contempt for our friendship? You didn't tell me that you were out my way and you give me a piss poor dunno when i ask you why didn't you tell me.

    I hope you're happy, because I'm certainly not. you've dug up all of this shit and demons inside me. At a time where I had ennough on my plate already with losing my job.

    What do I really mean to you? Am I really a friend to you or am I just some guy for your attention?

    I feel sick and I;m up at 2:15am posting this garbage on here thanks to you. I can not belive how you can pick me up so high and just fucking drop me like that. Do you have any fucking idea of what you have done to me?

    I hate you but I still love you. I almost can never forgive you for what you have done to me. My first gf and relationship were fucking ruined thanks to you.

    ARgh:mad: I want to go fucking crazy and break everything.

    Why cant I be more than a doormat? Why do I confuse looking after everyones feelings with being afraid to assert myself? Why am I scared? Why can't I stand up to you and tell you to stop treating me like shit as a friend?

    ARGH YOU BITCH!!!!:mad::mad::mad: