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  1. dark.streets

    dark.streets Member

    Memories whisper a sad song in my ear
    Of such a desolate life that I've lived here.
    They come to me on the weightless wings
    Of a death I never knew.
    And as my endless sorrow sings
    I'm dying right next to you.
    I love every word you ever say
    Because what you don't cuts me deep
    And bleeds my heart out everyday,
    But I can't do anything but collapse and weep.

    It would seem, no matter how hard I try
    Everything I ever touch or love will die
    And so I wonder if I'm better off alone
    to walk with memories that tear me down.
    Set ablaze everything that I still own
    And bury me alive in the charred ground.
    How can I forgive myself for not being with you?
    I don't seem to have what it takes to open your heart
    Even though it's all I want to do.
    I can't take much more, it's tearing me apart.

    I can't begin to live with all the pain I see
    It resides in you, and yet it's killing me.
    I don't know why your tears
    Fill me with all this rage.
    The promises I've kept for years
    And the ones you can't keep for a day.
    The sun slides down and the stars shine
    To taunt me with the night
    As I cry yet another time
    And hate this feeling I can't fight.

    Betrayed and refused, I lay dead
    In a pool of broken promises
    Even after all the things we said
    I feel so useless.
    Let me disappear into nothing
    If that's all I can be
    I can't say anything
    That might make you see
    How you break me apart
    After I gave you my heart.

    I'm alone again, though you are here
    I'm the static of a channel you don't care about
    After I told you all I fear
    When I try to be in your life, you throw me out.
    As the darkness of my mind shadows my soul
    I look to you for reassuring love
    But all I see is something just as cold
    As the ice that falls from the sky above
    That freezes my heart that you still hold.
    I can't stop loving you
    It's all I can ever do.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Heart ache i hope you find another to love and be loved back the same.
  3. dark.streets

    dark.streets Member

    That is something I hope as well. I know I can't get over this alone.
  4. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Excellent poetic display of emotion.
  5. Vangelis

    Vangelis Well-Known Member

    Strong and poignant, I think this leaves something to be remembered in a sad heart.
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