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    I seem to fail at everything!!! Ugh! so im on academic probation because i was only able to complete one of my 4 classes due to how hard life has been and my inability to cope and do college at the same time. :mad: Then i go on to the website to get my grade for that one class and i cant see it because i have a hold on my records!! Again....FAIL! Im not going back to college next semester i need a break,....ugh i just cant succeed at such a waste of space. :cry:
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    Don't be too hard on yourself Sam. I could only do a semester of college when I tried going because I was so overwhelmed. It doesn't mean you are a failure or anything. Sometimes you just need to do whats best for you. And if everything is so overwhelming its best to just take a break and try to get your life back on track.
  3. absolution

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    :blub: but its not just school i fail at...i fail at everything i try to do...I cant take it anymore :cry:
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    Sam, seriously do not worry about grades college etc, yes these things are important but what are they worth your health? NO! you need to focus on you right now, and do the things that help fix you first. Classes and grades will always be there- sorry guys but it is true. So they can wait, until you are better.

    God seriously I failed so many classes, and believe me I am supposed to be intelligent :unsure: but you cannot do nothing if you are suffering, be selfish do what makes you happy first, and worry about the rest later.
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    :hug: i just dont see how i can be "fixed" gonna go for a long walk to think :(
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    Stay safe're not a failure...:hugtackles: