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    So I've been talking with this girl for a few weeks now I really started to feel that she was into me. Whenever we met she was always smiling, wanting to talk to me, asking me questions, and always saying that she was glad to see me. Now I'm thinking that I have to make the next move and ask her out but I've never done it before. I'm stressing about what to say to her and where to take her and I knew I'd see her soon so I was mking a plan. Then I just recently looked at her facebook and she changed her status from single to in a relationship. Now I'm like, "Failed again..." Being with a beautiful and intelegent girl like her, she's an engineer, was the only thing I ever realy wanted at this point in my life. Now I feel that I'm back in this deep dark hole that I struggled to crawl out of, like I belong here. I'm failure when it comes to relationships and I have given up, I don't want anything anymore. I know this sounds pathetic because "its just one girl" but I'm 25yrs old, finishing college with my MS degree this year so I will be gone from women around my age, never been in a relationship, and never will. Even my younger cousins who I watched grow up is capable of forming relationships. I feel like a failure. :sigh:
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    You aren't a failure. It's hard but things like this happen, I think it is something most of us experience. I don't know your story so I don't know how badly something like this might affect you, but please don't feel you have failed. I'm sure she didn't mean to mislead you, she just didn't see your relationship in the same way. I'm sure she really was glad to see you and talk to you and will continue to be your friend. Finishing college is just the beginning. Of course you will meet other women, at work or whatever. You'e just starting out.