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Failed and now I'm worse off....

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by Baka, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Baka

    Baka Well-Known Member

    Sorry for what I wrote Wed. night, wasn't close at all to being sane at the time, not sure if I ever will be. Right after that post my body just shut down, could not finish the job and for over a day really lost almost all of my ability to move my legs and arms. Kept trying to stand up, would take one step and fall into something, couldn't use my arms to protect me so now from head to toe and that's no lie, am covered with bruises and cuts, can't believe I didn't crack my head open against a table or go through a window, have never gone through that and don't know the cause of it but am in severe physical pain because of it, may have cracked a rib as I can barely breath and my right hand is so swollen it looks like a catcher's mitt. Now here it is 4 days later and don't know what to say, survived somehow, had my body not shut down when it did I don't think I'd be writing this now, hard to write with only one hand too. I'm such at a loss now, all I can do is sleep, thought I was getting better yesterday but right back to that state I was in a few days ago, can barely walk more than a few steps and need to keep close to a wall when I do and all I do is sleep, can't stay up more than 10 minutes at a time very rarely, wondering if I'll be able to finish this. Whatever I ingested 4 nights ago is still in my system, kept trying to vomit it out to no avail, this is really the worst I have ever felt in my life, mental pain hurts quite a bit but this physical painis something I've never felt before at this level, it's getting hard to take, don't know what to do. Just so worried if I show up at the ER what they would do with me, don't know what do say as I'm so brain dead right now can't think so clearly, sorry for being so long winded, I just can't believe how things have gone from worse to ultra worse.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    YOU NEED TO GO TO EMERGENCY HUN you probably have done some damage to you organs and you need to get whatever you took flushed out of your system by intravenous
    If you don't go the damage will continue and you will be in more pain. Go now and get help before the damage is permanent
  3. Baka

    Baka Well-Known Member

    Thanks, though the odds were 0% an hour ago it's increased, know what you say is the right thing to do but it takes just so much courage, which I don't have much of, to make that call, need to keep repeating it to myself over and over and eventually it may work.
  4. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    Just call 911, hang up.

    They will call back, when there is no response, they will show up automatically.

    All you have to do is press 4 buttons... the first 3 numbers, and the dial button; and then the end call button.

    You don't even have to say anything.

    Baka, you are surviving this as you said, but you have to get yourself to a hospital... ok? This is NOT the way to die, and nor is it something you truly want to get into... Please find the courage to do that.
  5. Baka

    Baka Well-Known Member

    I am feeling so much better today, while the bruises are still there most of the pain in my body has gone. Think a lot of how I was feeling was doing nothing for all those days but moving from bed to sofa and back, all I thought about was sleeping and that's what I did. Today left the house twice to get some food and supplies, once I got a bit of exercise and food in me started to feel so much better, not 100% yet but trying to do regular things hopefully will be the difference maker, if not then I may have to place that call which I'm dreading.
  6. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    Baka, the courage is within you to make that phone call. Even if you are 'feeling better' right now, you have no way of seeing what is really going on inside your body, and that truly needs to be looked at. Don't worry so much about what to say to people, or how to say it, about the damage or problems that might exist internally right now. They deal with this kind of a thing more often than you probably realize... many of the things doctors deal with are because people have done that to themselves to begin with.

    Cancer for example (lung cancer from smoking, skin cancer from tanning); burns (from stunts, self harm, stupid drinking games, drunk people falling into fire pits etc...), broken bones (car accidents from bad driving, sporting without proper gear on, etc... ), liver failure/cirrhosis (drinking too much, eating really bad foods (fatty liver) etc...), heart attacks/heart problems/blood pressure problems (poor diet choices, lack of emotional control etc...).

    You name a medical problem, and I guarantee you many of the cases are caused by people doing that to themselves in one way or another, so doctors know about this already, but they work in that profession with that knowledge, and are not there to judge, but are there to help people live; even with their lifestyle choices, and even with their habits, and even with their personal decisions etc...

    I want you to consider again, going and getting medical attention, please.
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