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Failed Counseling and Leadership

New Jersey USA has the lowest incidence of suicide in the nation Nevertheless 2 people who I personally knew committed suicide in my area. Both were under treatment and one was actually a leader in a center in NJ. The latter and I knew each other. Right before he killed himself he told me that the center that he was doing all the work in (preparing food, general work and cleaning up) was a "soup kitchen." It should have been a signal to me because I was a leader in the mental health circles in NJ (ran the center the latter killed himself in and I gave a speech in the State House in Trenton one year) until I left the centers to pursue my commerical ventures. I did not tell anyone what he said. The next thing we all knew, he was dead!
Several people told a now-defunct center that they were going to commit suicide. They were ignored and then the committed suicide.
Please if you hear of anyone telegraphing a message like that, relay the information.
It's not my fault he killed himself, but I KNEW something was up. I have read literature about suicide and seen TV shows dealing with it. Many times, people will threaten suicide, sometimes for years. When they stop threatening, it's the lull before the storm and often times they reach the end of their rope and say goodbye. I did not tell the higher ups and I regret it but I know it simply was the end for him - there was nothing further that I can do.
My contention is that when you deal with a center that deals with depression, anxiety, mental illness, etc. you should have a heightened awareness. The person who killed himself was very industrious and it was a big loss .
A lot of it is simply going on hunches and your gut instincts. Experience and training also help.
The guy who killed himself went to one of my classes at this center when I gave speeches on creating 3D objects out of rubber and plastic. I actually have a background in art and have sold some of my products.
I was told by a therapist that I was WORTH saving. I am not bragging. The counselors and the system cannot save everyone. The problem was my buddy reached his end - it was strike 3 for him.

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