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failed suicide attempt

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Hi,i am a 49 year old female with depression,and i would like to tell my story in the hope it will help someone.About 6 years ago i was having a fight with my partner and my favorite picture fell to the floor,i was feeling really down so i took a piece of the broken glass and slit my wrist.I was rushed to hospital and the next day had to have micro surgery to try to attach the tendon.That left me with a large criss cross scar.I didn't have much feeling in my hand for a while except for pins and needles,i then had to attend out patients for a year to try and get my hand working again.It took a long time and lots of visits to the specialist and he said after a year the hand will not get any better than it is now.My hand has only about a third of the strenth of my other hand and i can't use it properly anymore,also i have a constant feeling of pins and needles,when i cut my nails the fingers feel like they are big and numb for about 3 days.Also the padding on my hand under the base of the thumb has wasted away,so i really reget trying to commit suicide in front of someone.If i ever decide to do it again i will make sure i am on my own.Hope this helps someone.
I'm sorry your attempt left you permenantly scarred.... That's sad, and it seemed to have been a spur of the moemnt reaction to your fight. It will definitely help someone learn that a moment of error, can cause a lifetime of difficulty. I'm sorry you had to suffer for others to learn this lesson. I hope you find a place here, there's always someone that will listen.

Thank you for sharing your story, and Welcome to the SF forums.


One Who Listens..
Hi,thanks for your reply,yes it was a spur of the moment thing but i am suffering depression and often think about suicide but their dosen't seem to be a simple way of doing it,i read on the internet that you can take 50 times the amount of avanza that is prescribed and still have no lasting effects.I think the easiest way is with a gun but that still might not do it either.I am worried that i will be left drain damaged.That is what is stopping me as i am not getting any enjoyment out of life,i had cancer a few years ago and my first thought was well that is one way out. I ended up having the cancer removed though,maybe i should'nt of.I would like to just overdose but don't know which pills really work.
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