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  1. SoullessBVBLover

    SoullessBVBLover New Member

    Okay...So i have tried to commit suicide...And it failed. they found me soon enough before I...You know...Afterwards i felt worse then i did when i tried killing my self...And i got angry when someone would say "how could you think of doing that to us? don't you know we love you?"...

    WHAT A LIE! none of that's the truth...I still feel the same...I still cut nothing has changed expect now people treat me more different then beofre, scared as if i'll have a nerouvs break down and snap again...who knows i might? I hate it...This feeling is horrible, this nagging feeling always with me, fear as i go to school, aniexty everwhere i go.

    I...I have this band though that i feel is my family...Black Veil Brides...Yes i'm apart of the BVB Army..and proud of it...yet i...I feel like i don't even desevre that...their my saviours...yet all hope is failing...alot of things have been going wrong..worse after i tried to kill myself..i won't go into details but..

    Having failed the die, nothing has gotten better, i put on a mask so those people won't give me pitty, but i'm still falling in the darkness, and Nothing has changed...
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Have you not got some professional help to keep these feeling at bay
    I hope so I hope you have followup care i hope you can talk to someone about your thoughts it does help.
  3. Isabel

    Isabel Staff Alumni

    I can only second TE in hoping you can reach out to get some professional support. Our love ones mean well, but like us, they are overwhelmed and just do not know what to do to help. Wish you better days soon.
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