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failing life...

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The Scream

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what's your definition of "living the good life"?

you know society's standards for the good life... get a job, have a career, marry your partner have kids, yada yada...

i don't wanna have kids and the word marriage just, yuck!

get a job, ok... have a career? hm... i don't like doing the same thing for that long.. or be in the same place for a long while... i like change... wait, i LOVE change

what are your standards for living life to the fullest and being succesful in life?

most people think about career and money when they hear succesful in life... i believe one is truly succesful in life when...

- one is happy, and if being happy involves drugs then so be it
- is healthy and looks after her/himself
- is able to provide help when needed without expecting something in return
- is able to express oneself creatively in life and leave something behind

these are personal and you might disagree, just my view... and the list isn't complete, but those are the top of my list i guess...

these days we need a job yes, but i didn't put it in the list on purpose... don't know if anyone heard of zeitgeist movement? i remember reading how fucked up the economy works... and how money rules the world, basically... people shouldn't be "paid" to do their job... they should do it for the sole purpose of liking it... i mean, if someone likes to build tv's all day and he's building tv's all day, he'd probably not mind if you take one with you after asking....

i hate how money rules the world... and society's crappy image of living the good life... and don't do drugs...

your ideas?

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For me, living the good life means that every time I look in the mirror
I love what i see, that when I look at myself I can say that I have everything I need and much more, to have freedom to do things, and confidance in the ability to do those thing. and to always remember, to have a good life doesnt mean that you must have the ideal, perfect life.

I am uneducated 26 y/o guy, living alone with no g/f
sure i feel lonley sometimes, but i never loose hope
and every day is a new day, and faith is an interting thing :)


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If I'm happy, that's good enough. But if I were to be happy it would actually involve aquiring a few different things, it's not like I will suddenly be 'happy' out of nowhere.

In the end, if I'm happy, that's all I want. Whether I'm mentally insane with my own little distorted version of happiness or someone with the 'good life'(how can you even use "good" and "life" in the same sentence lol?), I don't care.


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I must admit however much i love my work i do often wish for a somewhat normal life, something like a 9-5 job, menial work.
Things are falling into place for me and soon enough i will have all i want in life, all i will now need is someone to share it with


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what's your definition of "living the good life"?


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Life IS work. People try to find work they enjoy so they can be happy. No one wants to be a slave, but some people are because they don't know what else to do. Money is just used to easily pay and receive payment and keep track of accounting and services used. Our economic system is a means to move goods and services around. Everything you're saying should be is already here. If this all fails it's because we fail to have proper checks and balances, not because people work and make money doing it. Hardship challenges us. We need challenges for purpose. I am not saying life is easy and you'll coast through it. I am only saying that if it was easy then there would be no purpose to our actions. Nothing is free for a reason. Yadda yadda.

Our present problems are mainly that the rich make so much more than the poor. In the past 20 years almost all of the income gains have went to the rich. This gap doesn't mean that money is bad or that our economic system is bad. I think what it means is our checks and balances are somehow not up to the job. IF we can figure out where it's wrong, we can fix and make the game fair. We have to prevent monopoly and abuse of power.

Too much freedom isn't good. If you give a pet too much freedom the results are mayhem. The same can be said for almost everything else in existence. Our economy needs some restraint and oversight. Most things do. But that said, it's not fundamentally broken.

Look at it this way... all of this is a machine. We're like fuel that feeds this machine. The output is progress, knowledge, civilization. In this sense, this system of human living is a game. It's a program. Its function is to produce a successful and thriving human culture that spans the whole earth.

I'm a programmer. I see a program. This is how I see it. I guess if I was a biologist, I'd see some kind of ecosystem or an organism.

I found this on youtube, and I feel it's somehow related:
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My definition of living a good life?? Hmm great question!
Living exactly like the Messiah lived for everyone else. Humble, meek, and selfless. Obedient to righteousness until the very end. Raising my children the best way that I can, and to be the best person that I can. To be able to touch and impact all the lives I am meant to, and to do it the right way.
Once I am able to acheive this then I can compeltely claim to live the good life. My life is great now, but I am still too rebellious for me to say that I am living a good life. But to me good means righteous, and I have a long way to being completely righteous. Righteous meaning being right with Yahweh and his ways if there are those who do not know what it means. Blessings..


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2 things...

1: find something i can be passionate about and make that my career

2: Find someone to share my life with...

if I had those two things my life would have meaning and purpose I think.


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I agree with the OP and I share some of the points they have made.

Happiness, health, etc are what makes a good life (for me).
Unfortunately, money is something we can't live without. But for me it's low in priority compared to happiness.

What is required to make life succesful is subjective and will vary with individuals.
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