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failing myself...

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I'm giving up on myself. Everyday my life falls more into shambles. I could make it better for myself slightly but I can't pull myself out of this hole I put myself in. I'm just too tired... too weak. I've tried but I can't push myself anymore. I can't keep going this way. Everyday I push myself further from everybody in my life. It's not hard really... I have no friends, barely any family, and my girlfriend is starting to grow tired of me. So not really a lot of work to push people away.


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So sorry you are feeling this way....

Wish I had something uplifting to say other than just hang on -

Maybe find some goal or "self-improvement" to work on that YOU like perhaps an exercise program - or some kind of educational pursuit... Helps me to feel like I have accomplished something, and feel more positive, even if it is something as small as writing a thank you note I have been putting off, or making the goal of jogging 3 times a week, or read that book I keep meaning to read... Hardest part is the motivation to do....

Don't tackle everything that is piling up - just one small dent and let the rest go......

Hope you feel better :hug:


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I hear ya buddy.
Feel like more of my life is falling into shambles bit by bit, myself.

Sometimes though, you have to uproot old weeds and bushes in order to make room for something better.
It's only when you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

Once we're at ground zero, it becomes easier to rebuild our lives, since we've got nothing else to lose.
Just focus on one thing to add into your daily routine and becoming a habit.
Like getting out of bed in the morning and sitting under the shower for 30 min.
Then, once you've got that down, add in another routine, like walking to a nearby cafe and taking some time to journal and just be.

The key is to take it one step at a time, and don't pressure yourself.
You're doing great.
Do whatever it is you think will help you; don't worry about what other people will think or want from you.
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