Failure Is Coming, If Not Already Here

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I suffer from situational depression and anxiety.

And last week I found out that the natural gas service to my home was to be disconnected. Now I paid half of the bill. But that is all I had. And that wasnt enough to keep the service on.

Now everyday I wait. I wait as if I was a child again, in trouble for something and waiting for my father to get home so I could be spanked by his belt.

I have terrible dehabilitating fear over knowing that failure is coming.

Soon, my family and I wont be able to cook food, wash clothes or even take a shower.

Oh...we can take cold for some reason that water seems really cold when the gas is off.

We can still do laundry at the laundramat...but that will cost a small fortune...and then we wont be able to save to get the money together to pay the gas.

At least it is summer so we wont freeze to death.

Still, just another example of how I have failed to provide for my family.

And my stomach is in knots over this.:itachi:


Wow 32 views and not one comment. Hmmm...well that's ok. I am not worthy of comment. It just goes to show you all how pathetic I am.

they found a human leg down stream in the river the other day. It belonged to a missing woman from my town who had threatened suicide. She was braver than I am.


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Wow 32 views and not one comment. Hmmm...well that's ok. I am not worthy of comment. It just goes to show you all how pathetic I am.
Bill, :hug: I didn't know what to say or do about the situation you are in. It makes me even more afraid of my own situation - hence my silence when I first read your post. I couldn't respond because I couldn't "go there" for long enough and think about it...selfish of me, but that's the truth, hun. Nothing to do with you.

I know it must be dreadful. And having one's stomach tied up in knots is a hard way to get through the day. I hope things improve for you. Please don't choose suicide or hurting yourself as a way to try and resolve things. Ultimately those things only end our chances to improve things rather than allowing us to get through and get better.

Thinking of you...


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Have you spoken to the gas company?
Hard I know when all you can think about is the fear of being cut off, but surely some compromise can be reached.
Over here in the UK we can pay either monthly, with a little on top to cover any back monies owed, or have a "pay as you go" metre put in it.
Most companies will at least listen to an offer of payment, give them a ring and see if you can't stave off the removal of the gas.


Nope...I already talked to them. I am allowed one payment arrangement in an 12 month cycle, I cant get a payment arrangement again til September.


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Ouch Im sorry, I went through this alot as a child, so I understand the scary feeling your having.

Try to get up some supplies, candles, water, can goods, crackers with cheese and meats, cooler. Whatever you can get together the better, the only other suggestions I can make is try a church near you, alot will try and help in times like this.



LOL. Today I applied for a credit card...even though I already knew I wouldnt get approved.
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