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Failure to launch

Legate Lanius

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So I'm 22 and a failure to launch. A blank resume (writing down the actual experiences would reduce the chance of getting a job, since they're walk-outs, getting fired and dropping out of uni twice/thrice). Dependent on parents, of course. Never had a girlfriend and haven't had a friend in 5-8 years or something. Recently quit a job after my feet getting blisters since the job required walking, that combined with the mental distress of uncertainty that comes with job/education. You're not 100% sure you're getting paid, that you got the right schedule, etc.

Now, I was watching some stuff online about others like myself. NEETs, hikikomori, etc. And I came across the failure to launch syndrome, which I am an obvious sufferer of. When watching this stuff I sort of realized and felt like I should leave the decisions about my life completely to myself. That I needed to see what I really, really, wanted for myself. That I had to rely on myself to accomplish what I wanted. Right there and then was when I realized that I really had to kill myself, that it was up to me to do that. That postponing it wasn't helping, just making everyone judge me harsher "haha, he's 22 and a manchild... haha he's 23 and a manchild... haha he's 24 and a manchild...". So when I place agency in my own hands fully, the suicidal impulse becomes extremely strong and overwhelming.

Anyway, post your own experiences with failure to launch. Whether your own or family members/friends. How can this be dealt with without increasing pressure or "lighting the fire under your feet" which makes certain people really close to committing suicide?


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I'm not sure what failure to launch syndrome is exactly but I think I failed to launch too.

I'm in my thirties and though I have a bachelors degree I don't do anything with it. I'm doing a part time job now to pay my bills and nothing else. I cannot stand a full time job because i might go mad so I take up freelance gigs, etc, things that don't require me to commit.

A lot of people around me are holding management level positions or have their own startups but I'm just here, wanting to die every day. I hate social situations because people would try to humble-brag about how successful they are to me. I also get questions like "don't you want to achieve more?" And no, I don't want anything. I just want to disappear. How's that for an answer? Oh it's not a socially acceptable answer? Fudge it!

To deal with this I stay away from people. Not the best idea from the psychologist's POV but it works for me. I don't see a point in putting myself through the sheer torture of listening to people nag at me or laugh at my failures. As if I don't already know my flaws.

Anyway I'm just sharing how I deal with this. It might probably be a better idea to consult a therapist.

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