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  1. LucasV

    LucasV New Member

    Alright, I'm new, and legit considering just dying. Preferably allowing something to kill me, instead of doing it myself.

    I met this girl a few weeks ago, and we began hanging out. She's amazing. We talked or met every day until about 2 days ago. It was going amazing. She was beautiful, and she thought I was very attractive. I told her alot of stuff I wouldn't tell anyone. She did the same. We were perfect friends.

    I told her I liked her. She likes me too. She had met my friend, and they didnt really seem to talk at all. He would talk to her on AIM and Facebook, spread slander about me, over-compliment her, and use generic lines. He wasn't beign real with her. She asks him to the Winter Formal dance, and he turns her down. I feel somewhat betrayed

    She always thought I looked better, was smarter, nicer, liked talking to me more than him, and she preferred hanging out with me. But she still only has romantic feelings for him. I DONT KNOW WHY. I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING WRONG.

    He began to be unhappy that she was speaking to me. He took it as a challenge. He wouldnt have it. I saved her the strife of having me and him like her, because she would only like him. To be a good friend to both, I told them both to just forget about me and not talk to me. She still wants to.

    Weve talked for hours about this. She wants to date him, even though he can never make her as happy as I could. How useless am I? If this is life, It's just not worth it. I want to die, so that she can know that's how deeply I feel about her, and because I have not been happy for a while now.'

    Do I have hope? Or am I done? Please someone tell me. Im all alone...

    -Lucas, 15.
  2. Stranger1

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    I take it that Lucas 15 means your 15 years old?? You will get over this. Relationships come and go. You need to let her know you are getting mixed signals from her. My thoughts are to discontinue this friendship if it is going to do nothing but give you heartache.
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