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  1. melamori

    melamori New Member

    I feel like I'm failing my life, i'm almost 19, and I don't do anything. my day consists of couple of hours of uni, work and then food on the couch.
    I have no friends, i have nobody to talk to, i feel so horrible about myself.
    I feel like I'm dissapointing my parents, I'm the only child, and I'm so weak. I hate everything about myself.
    sometimes when I walk, i imagine what i look like from somebody else's point of view, and I can barely move my legs, they feel so heavy, people probably think i'm some weirdo who can't even walk properly, or keep eye contact. i always keep my phone in my hand, just so that I have something in my hand, even though it never rings.
    i used to have everything, i used to be pretty and sexy, and have loads of friends, i used to be funny. people called me, guys liked me, asked for my number, i used to go out all the time, people enjoyed my company, now nobody cares, if i show up in school/uni. old friends dont care about me.
    i have a boyfriend that I love more than anything, and I know he loves me that much too. but he lives in a different country, so it's not the same. i think if he was here, i wouldnt care that i have noone, because i could always come to him. but this way, i am the only person i have..and even I hate myself, how can other people like me
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hey you are not a failure if you are going to university you are accomplishing something. You should talk to councilor there and get some help okay for your depression Get involved in school clubs sports activities so you can meet people Talk to your doctor about getting something for anxiety as well okay.
    You have a great boyfriend you can keep in touch over the computer right I hope you reach out okay do stay where you are at now hugs:hugtackles::hugtackles:
  3. Louis03

    Louis03 Well-Known Member

    Hey, those feelings will pass. Everyone has insecurities and self doubt. It's just important not to lose hope. The person you are today is not the person you'll be 5, 10, 20 years from now. You will find yourself. Please know in your head that you are worth everything, even if you don't feel it in your heart yet.
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