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    People are so fake. One minute everyone claims to care when they have a problem and they want someone to talk to. When i need someone to talk to its completely different, everyone is always busy, or doing something. And before all people start saying that people may in fact be busy i suggest you read on.

    I had a experiment last night and on saturday because i actually wanted to see if people do in fact care. Ill use last night as an example, i had 1300 + contacts on MSN and it showed that 91 people online, many from this very site, and i went on and offline just to stop people claiming they didnt see me online, how many people do you actually think asked how i was?? 2 people. And they were people who were showing as offline.

    So before you claim to say you care think very carefully about throwing the word care. I feel used at the moment because people only want to talk to me when they have a problem. So big upto everyone who i have on MSN, you made my weekend.
  2. shamps

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    Maybe those people also had huge amounts of people showing online on their msn's and they just didnt have the time to say hi to everybody on there at the time.

    I would personally find it hard to keep up with that many people at once.There could have been all kinds of explanations.Like did you see if they were showing as busy or awa or have a status up saying they were doing something?Sometimes people forget to take themselves offline just to sign in and check their emails.Some may have purely and simply been busy with something or caught up in an in depth chat with somebody else and didnt check.

    Did you actually say hi to these people?They may not have seen you sign in if they were away from their computer at the time and just not checked their contact list,I know I dont check mine a lot...mind you I have like 3contacts and thats it so ive no need really.

    Yes some people may have just "not"said hello but how many times will you have done this to people without realising?I hate to use the word paranoid but you do seem intent on catching people out when they dont really sound to have done anything wrong.I know what its like to find somebody say on this site who you seem to click with and get chatting...move to msn then you dont really hear anything from them afterwards but you gotta understand the world is a very selfish place whether we like it or not.Some people will use you,you just gotta suss out who those people are and stay away from them if it hurts you enough to run an experiment.

    Im not in anyway condolning their behaviour if they are just using you but it happens and like I said ive experienced it and its not nice(especially when you are in a time of need).This is probably partly to do with why I dont really have friends,maybe im scared of getting too close incase they let me down and I give off a vibe to that effect that puts them off approaching me.

    Please still chat away on here,we are not all like that its just some peoples heads are so full of things that they go quiet sometimes.I for one always try not to "use"somebody until im feeling better...I try not to desert anybody I get close to.

    Chin up chuck....move on and leave the ones who are making you feel like this to get on with their own lives.You will find that when they are in a time of need they will soon come running back to you,then you can tell them that what they are doing is wrong and decide whether you want to bother with them or not.

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    I dont use msn anymore, because of the very fact that people talk to too many people at the same time, so the convos take forever, and sometimes people are lost in their convo...it hurts me so I don't use it anymore...I prefer pm and visitor messages...

    I think that people care in the moment, but only true friends care all the time...

    also most of us, are depressed, and have other type problems, so we might not be up to helping others...

    I don't post on threads normally anymore, because to be honest, I don't know what to say, and sometimes it brings me more down than I was...its no one's fault and so I do try my best to help when I can...
  4. WildCherry

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    :hug: Sorry you've been let down. I'm not on MSN much, but I do care. If you ever need to talk, drop me a PM, and I'll get on MSN if I can.
  5. Kaos General

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    As a matter of fact i do say hi to every single person if they are ever online, id at least expect the same courtesy but its only me that actually starts the conversation. I havent had anybody just come onto MSN and ask me how i am for about 6 months, i have to actually start the conversation first.

    You see i was expecting a reply like this. So please, let me know one of these many explanations why 91 people who were not showing as busy or away but online could possibly have. You see people only want to talk to me when they are having problems. When its flipped the pother way round, no-one wants to know and they claim to be busy. It has been this way for some time now and ive just let it slide because i want to help people, but when its all one sided i just cant allow it to happen anymore and not say anything.

    The best thing about this is the fact i deleted most of them last night and npow they are getting angry at me because they all have no idea why i deleted them
  6. 41021

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    hey there, chin up a moment and listen to me... :console:
    i have seen this happen to you before in chat--i've kind of watched it on several occasions.
    you are there and supportive for everyone but the moment you come in, and are in need, no one is there for you. They disperse. do not take that wrong and keep reading :hug: and by the way, thank you for those times you've been there for me...it's a rare person who can provide the support i need.

    i can actually relate in a way, and i am relating my in-person/real life/face to face experiences with you. People may perceive you as being very strong (and just from what i have seen, i think they do). In my case, i have always been The Rock. The strong one. The solver of all problems, no matter their size i always can find a way to do the impossible -Always...it's what i am noted for. People would run if they saw me any less than that...perhaps from shock? Perhaps they think if something is capable of getting me down then surely the world must be coming to an end? They also do not have a clue as to how to cope with someone like this. perhaps they think, how can a simple hug be adequate for someone who pulls off the things i do-how can it be enough for the person who brings hope for a living. Again in my case, someone who never sweats the small stuff, trudges patiently and in good spirits through the depths of hell and the stinking landfills of life just to help a stranger or friend, or simply to be with them as they walk these depths themselves. What can they say, is what some are thinking.

    Maybe this rings true for you too...and unfortunately i have no answers :no: I suspect were this five months ago, i might be able to offer you something some clue, some idea, some suggestion, and certainly a bit of hope...and a little support as well. But i've lost it :sad:

    :hug: for you
    I do perhaps at this point, think the best thing may be to post here on the forum when you are in need. It's not the same as someone simply paying attention and noticing you are down, but perhaps it will help get you through the moments?

    I too apologize, i've not been on my msn account recently. kind of in isolation. oh and by the way, it's not helpful, the isolation. :hug: -But i do think about you if that is of any comfort. Oh, and hey, i have when i've been on msn, sent offline messages to you when u are not there...surely those count? :hug: i know i know...i do hear what you are saying :hug: i understand.
  7. shamps

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    Wayne I do apologise,I wasnt meaning to come across as lecturing or to make you feel even worse.I dunno...im not very good at this but I do try and be there for people.I was just trying to find reasons as to why which didnt include people just ignoring you...didnt wana make you feel any crappier thats not what I am about.

    I apologise for my inexperience but I do not know you well or the things that bother you.Was just trying to be rational.

    If you feel that you are genuinely being ignored by these people then I trust what you are saying but I do not have any reasons why if everything youve said is true...nor do I want to guess anymore.It is clear this is very upsetting for you.I am sorry for how you are feeling and if its any consolation..we arent all like that.I very rarely give out my msn because of things like this and wouldnt want to offend anybody if I didnt feel like talking one night.

    I didnt mean to offend you or insinuate that you wernt saying hello to your friends was just struggling with the idea of keeping up with that many people...I couldnt do it.
  8. absolution

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    :i'm sorry:
  9. Rukia

    Rukia Well-Known Member

    I'm not good at making contact on msn and I'm almost always on away. :i'm sorry: But you can talk to me anytime, I promise to answer you if I'm there. :hug:
  10. Aurora Gory Alice

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    I also find that people only get in touch with me when THEY have problems or only speak to me when there is something going on with them.
    In fact the friend who told me about this website (I won't name names, but she knows who she is) has all but disappeared now that she is doing better, has a good job, a flat, a boyfriend etc. basically her life has really picked up and it's not that I'm not happy for her - I just think that it's really shitty that people don't want to know when their lives are going great or when they are feeling fine.

    As far as I'm concerned next time someone says hi and then starts going into their problems, ask them where they were when YOU had a problem and hit the block button.

    What's that great quote: "True friends visit us in prosperity only when invited, but in adversity they come without invitation."
  11. kyle88

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    I wouldn't take MSN so personally, I'm usually online but never really talk to anyone, or just don't feel in the mood to talk... It would be a bit hectic if I were to say hi every time someone logged in... and personally I don't expect people to say hi everytime i log in.

    If someone messages me and wanted to talk... I would listen...