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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by bitter&cynical, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. bitter&cynical

    bitter&cynical New Member

    i am a 14 years old girl and i want to die.
    most of you will think...why does she want to die, whats wrong with her life, she's got lots to look forward to...etc

    but i dont have anything to look forward to.

    i dont belive in god
    i dont believe in love
    i dont have any friends
    i dont have a family, only humans that share the same genes as me.

    i hate my life, my self and cant take it anymore.

    everyday is the same, i repeat the same routine, i dont have a purpose.

    im not an " emo" or a " goth" as many people put it.

    i have always been an average girl, but lately i dont see the point in living.

    everyday i am reminded how much of a failure i am,
    i dont belong anywhere.
    i feel like shit
    i am a nobody
    i dont feel loved or liked.
    i hate myself, i wonder what other people think of me...

    this morning i tried to commit suicide, it didnt work....it made things worse.
    i couldnt even kill myself properly.
  2. gemusan

    gemusan Active Member

    A lot can change as you get older. A lot of people don't believe in love until they accidentally stumble on it.
  3. bitter&cynical

    bitter&cynical New Member

    so all i have to look forward to is "LOVE"..?
    something that really doesnt exsist.
    i can honestly say that i have never met someone who is in "love".
    i dont think anyone is in "love", they are just infactuated and soon enough they get bored and break up....the cycle continues as they fall in "love" again and break up again.

    we come into this world alone and we die alone....we should get used to it.
  4. Puddytat

    Puddytat Well-Known Member

    they way i see it is you dont realy have anything to lose by staying alive and seeing what the future holds. i dont want to sound condecending but you are still very young. i felt a lot of things when i was your age and i have felt many things since, some of them utterly devestating and some of them so elating and uplifting and i definately think those are worth it, so give it a chance. you really dont know what the future holds.

    you may not feel like you have a purpose, i often dont feel like that, but i make my own purpose for living. its your decision. what you live for, what you believe.

    "There is no fate but what we make" -quote from Terminator :blink:

    i dont believe in god, i dont believe you need to believe in god to be a good person or have a purpose or meaning in your life.
    friends come and go, relationships come and go, we dont really need friends that last us forever, its all about having somone to connect to on different levels. there are so many people here or everywhere that you can connect with even if just briefly.
    i hated my family for most of my life but as i grew up and been through different things i have grown apart and grown closer to certain individuals. that can change for you too, i dont know your home situation, perhaps its not possible but thats why i have my back up plan... create my own family!!! :laugh:

    dont worry too much about what other people think of you, you probably wont have them in your life for very long anyway. people often think that other people are judging them but i have found that they are not. they just mind their own business and get on with life not even paying much attention to anything. i dont care what other people think anymore, its too emotionally draining and not worth it, i guess its laziness that made me that way but i just couldnt be bothered to care anymore. i am who i am and the only person that has to like me is me. everyone else can stuff it, i dont ask them to like me, if they do then thats cool. if there is something i dont like about myself i work at ways to improve it.
  5. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    That's the best quote I've read in a while!
  6. I can relate to ur post. im young, only 17 a lot of the people here are a lot older. but just cause were young doesnt mean we dont feel these things too. im not good at advice and its probably the last thing u want right now anyway but try and hold in there. i no what it feels like to feel alone and to feel like a failure and like u have nothing to live 4. ur not alone in the way u feel. takecare x
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