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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by sky_blue, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. sky_blue

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    i live in edinburgh
    some friends live here too but when i'm around them i feel fake. like when i'm at a party i spend most of the time sitting quietly in the corner. sometimes i talk, but i talk like them and not like me. sometimes i get really drunk and i wake up feeling sick and ashamed. i hate myself for wanting their acceptance. i wish i felt nothing coz everthing seems to hurt now. i think people are hurting me and they don't know it. sometimes i imagine slashing my wrists and how beautiful it would be. and sometimes i imagine a happy ending for me with a life full of light and love. i so wanna be happy. i'm not sure why i wrote this coz it's all in my head.
  2. KavithaB

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    It is good you wrote your feelings. It will help. People generally hurt. They don't know they hurt or may be even know they hurt, but THEY HURT. When those who hurt you can enjoy life, why should you slash your wrists. I have tried it once and was brought back to live in this world. It only made me feel worse. The scar still remains so also the wounds of whatever made me attempt the suicide. So please don't try to harm yourself.

    Having born in this world, try to live.

    If you want to chat, PM me.

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