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  1. winston

    winston Well-Known Member

    The fallen leaves are the soldiers of the season,
    falling all around, and dying slowly without reason
    Whilst the sun beams down words of sorrow,
    that the morning will cherish but forget about tomorrow
    The swirling rings of desire cruelly blow your mind away,
    taking with them rhymes of fire, and words that have been saved
    the warrior of dusk can see his shadow in the cemetery now
    he's crawling through the darkest age to get out alive somehow
    this city has dragged him down, and he can no longer see
    no longer aim to progress beyond forgotten memories
    and melodies of brisk solitude that dampen the mood,
    welling up the smokey ruins of summer that slowly move
    and take the long way round the sea
    inspecting winters rashness that freeze the heart upon your sleeve
    Can you not see, oh can you not see it clear?
    your toil and tunes of reason for longing have slowly disappeared
    you're a ghost in the fire now, playing piano in the rain
    your a man of steel, leading the front in a drifting paradise parade
    passing forever the crowds that have come to silently stare
    and wonder how your lines face has been painted by hands of despair
    you feature heavily in the book you knew you'd never write
    of all of the worlds little details, changing the wrong to rights
    leading a new stance, changing your ways,
    dancing in the autumn tress, and dying in the suns rays
    and what have you come to now
    as you rest you head beneath the ground?
    medals of nothing, that no one will ever see,
    dreams of evidence to new beginnings, and scripts of death
    eyes too tired to sleep, brain to dumb to know what's next
    everything will be ok.
  2. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    You're an extraordinary writer.

    This is nice.
  3. winston

    winston Well-Known Member

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