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Falling apart again.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by th3silent0ne, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. th3silent0ne

    th3silent0ne Well-Known Member

    With some new things happening in my life right now, it's hard for me to deal with the facts.

    The following are emotional contributing scenarios:
    -My parents are split up yet living in the same house.
    -My mom has always been a big emotional stress for me and a big pain in the butt.
    -My dad hasn't been there to support me emotionally. I haven't felt like he was much of a father.
    -My mom has a new boyfriend.
    -Her new boyfriend has depression and likes to cook. We have something in common.
    -My dad wants to try spending quality time with me. I feel closer to him now, like he cares about me.
    -Thanks to my mom's new boyfriend I'm less of a priority.

    Well to sum it up, I'm really emotional about it. My mom has made me last priority, as well makes me feel like dirt. Then I find out from her that my dad is trying to spend quality time with me. That's a shock since he was hardly around. I guess in a way I always felt more connected to him, and perhaps that's why I want to spend that quality time with him. Despite this my emotions to this are both positive and semi negative. I knew my mom was seeing someone a while ago, but I think it's just starting to take it's toll. It's truly a hard change for me. The emotional part of this all has left me with tears and wanting to hurt myself.