falling apart

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  1. ifrit

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    i hate valentines ...sigh... i lost my angel we where together for 3 years and cous of my mistakes its all over i messed up so bad, it feels like there is a whole in my chest i feel so empty im so close to cracking up i cant deal with this pain its to much. fuck sake dam it i wanted this so bad i wanted that life so bad part of me says fight for her dont give up the other is saying just let it go if you love her let her go, i just miss her so bad her touch her smile her voice dam it FUCK i cant cry i cant cry fk sake i cant break down i have to keep a straight face......fuck...
  2. mdmefontaine

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    ...i'm sorry you are having such a hard time. it is very painful to lose someone you love. i'm here if you want to talk.
    xx :hug:
  3. ifrit

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    yeah it does hurt i miss her alot i mean mhm i wasnt the best b/f in the world i didnt keep alot of my promises i could of done alot better but i fucked up i feel so empty and lonely with out her its like everything has lost its colour/flavour, everything u enjoyed doing i just dont enjoy doing it anymore. But if she is happy then thats all that matters i just hope she is doing ok and has a happy life.
  4. ifrit

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    dam it i was going through my stuff today and i found some old letters and pics of us when we first started out, when i read that it felt like someone stabbed me through the chest dam it why do i feel so lonely with out her.