falling man

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  1. *kyle*

    *kyle* Well-Known Member

    as i stair up into the beautiful heavens,
    as i gaze down into the pitts of hell.
    my heart beat counting my last seconds,
    my last stand, my last words, my final thoughts.
    as the seconds count down the fear becomes stronger.
    as the earth is brought to me, the final fall,
    i shall have no more fear, no more worries.
    all thats left is death and death alone.

    there is no mercy for the man with no fear,
    there is no sorro for the man with no life.
    as my eyes open i see that this man is not me,
    i am the man still standing, i am the man who survived.
  2. black orchid

    black orchid Well-Known Member

    Wow, i really like this!
  3. Randomlei_me

    Randomlei_me Member

    Nicely said, and completely understood. Thanks for sharing it. :)
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