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falling over the edge

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I just saw my therapist and I coulnt tell him how bad I'm really feeling. I finished rewritting my goodbye letters and a list of things to do.I. feelin a little sense of relief. But my daughters birthday is thurs and I know I have to hang around till then but then I'm afraid.I am very lonley. I've kept everything to myself.I don't trust anyone and now I have nobody.
I think that things can get better for you, but if you can't tell anyone what is really going on, it's really hard for anyone to help.

do you think that you could write down what is really going on and ask your therapist to read it?

can you talk about what is really going on here?

could you tell someone on a crisis line?

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You do have someone you have your daughter who will always need you.
You need to talk okay get some help so you can be better for her . Write out what is going on and give it to your therapist okay like said it will help.
Also call crisis line so they can help you There is help for you You just have to reach out and get it o kay hugs
Hi pachrissy, I am so sorry things are really difficult for you. Please don't give up. Your daughter will always need you, really she will. I know things must seem unbearable for you to even contemplate suicide, but please try and work through this. I know you find it difficult to talk to people about what is going on for you, but as total eclipse said, perhaps you can write down everything and hand it to your therapist. The only way people can help is if they know the full story. If you are really struggling, crisis lines can be really beneficial, they will talk to you about how you are feeling and try to work out alternatives with you to keep you safe. Also, please keep posting here and letting us know what is going on for you. Vent to us, get it off your chest.. maybe it will help a bit to have people who understand, who can relate. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk. Take care :arms:
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