Falling side by side

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  1. SaidDave

    SaidDave Banned Member

    dragging the heart that's heavy through the day
    all i can hear is your voice, i can only see your face
    forcing my head under water
    we could only hope this is water under the bridge
    carrying you with me everywhere i go
    it's like a fire in my brain fueled by confusion
    children are not ready to meet this creature
    and consumed they grow into the creature
    they put their spins and flavors but it's all the same
    chaos, rage, loneliness, longing
    perhaps things that never existed
    things that should have been a dream
    dreams that became nightmares
    breathing in the poison you once delivered
    you find yourself among us
    the world stopped for a moment and rushed into a never ending crash
    the world took what can't be taken back
    like a cancer in the lungs
    every word you say is approached with caution
    yet your breath is sugar sweet
    we can't resist your words
    injecting them like a shot at an extra life
    we know the outcome remains the same
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    your words speak clearly of your suffering with so much saddness they hold
    i hope someone is caring for you now helping you heal take care okay keep writing it is beautiful written but very sad sadness that needs to come out.
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