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    A few weeks something quite serious happened and basically its involved the pysch and crisis team, I have finally told my parents what happened and now my mum is saying that im just making it all up and that i shouldn't of mentioned it to my pysch team blah blah blah and my dads giving me the impression im crying woolf but the shit happened. okay I didn't tell the what happened but i couldn't tell them! Now my dad's side of the family are saying i should dump G (best friend and boyfriend) but i can't as i know it will make me worse as I no other friends to speak to. So I am pretty screwed and don't know what to do!
    I feel so low and depressed all the time and yes I have considered ending it a few times. Just to end the emotional pain and how I am feeling. I don't want to continue anymore feeling like shit!
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    Without knowing what happened, you have to do what is right to fix you. Of course they could look at your boyfriend as a bad influence but only you'd know that. If he makes you happy do what makes you happy. No one can tell you what to do , just support and offer advice for whatever decision you make

    Sorry I'm not much help
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    but hes not a bad influence I just completely snapped when he was saying negative things and it ended up with my trying to get out the car whilst it was moving. He didn't influence me not one bit and at the time I was not thinking at that time it was on impulse that it happened.

    My heads a real mess cant handle it anymore :)
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    Do you think (please forgive me if I'm wrong) your parents (family) are putting the blame on him as they want to sort of find someone to blame for what you're going through? Like it must be his fault etc, it could be them trying to rationalise things in their heads, even if it is wrong to do so.
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    Parents frequently dismiss a child in such distress, mainly because they don't want to accept that these things have happened to their own who they were meant to protect. It's a natural response. However, if you are old enough to do so, maybe consider moving away as that might have a slightly more beneficial approach. Some people here have ditched their parents because of various lack of understandings, and if you feel that you should maintain the one person who has helped you and listened and supported, you should do so for you. Your parents have no rights to dictate your life once you reach adulthood.
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    i just wish i never told my dr in the first place what happened and actually wished all this hit going in my life never happened and life was better for me.